Guest WLAN Integration


Guest access is one of the most widespread applications of wireless networking for our customers. Yet most wireless guest access solutions are so cumber­some and impractical that enterprises are torn between squandering IT resources to provision restricted guest access, and an even worse alternative: offering unsecured ‘open’ network access.

In contrast, Qolcom provide easy to use guest management solutions enabling our customers to manage security without burdening IT staff. An easy-to-use interface completely shields front-desk personnel from the underlying complexities of network access control.

Non-technical staff — such as receptionists — can easily and quickly provision guest access accounts on demand, without requiring any networking knowledge. For added convenience, different people can be assigned to manage only certain guest types, and cannot alter the guest accounts created by their peers.

Provisioning guest access can be made made as simple as booking a meeting room and resource.

Guest Credential Notification

In addition to printing labels and company-branded login instructions showing the guest credentials, our guest wireless solutions also supports email and text (SMS) notifications to the guest at the time the guest account is set up. This eliminates manual transcription, removes the risk of errors, and improves productivity both before and during the guest’s visit.

Scalable Centralised Architecture

Qolcom uses a efficient and reliable central­ised guest account database which prevents potentially harm­ful configuration changes from being made to critical network hardware by individuals with no domain expertise, and ensures that all access security operates independently of the controllers in service.

Our guest wireless solution scales exceptionally well since it is no longer tied to the WLAN Controller plat­form. With up to 10,000 users per server, our guest wireless solution is ideal for conventions, universities, hospitality, healthcare and large enterprise.

Another advantage of the centralised architec­ture, is the way ‘captive portals’ are managed. Captive portals are a popular way to manage network access en-mass, when IT does not have authority or control over client devices.

For more information on how our wireless guest access solution offer this flexibility and operational efficiency please contact us.