GEMA Selects EVRY as Member for the Nordic Region

Partnership Significantly Enhances GEMA’s Global Managed Mobility Services

STOCKHOLM, LONDON, ZURICH, Thursday May 22nd 2014 – The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), the world’s leading independent joint venture providing enterprise mobility managed services (MMS) to multinational organisations, today announced it has signed an agreement with the leading Nordics IT service provider EVRY ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange: EVRY) as the joint venture’s exclusive member for the Nordic region, significantly enhancing GEMA’s managed enterprise mobility service capabilities and presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Headquartered in Stockholm, EVRY is the second largest IT services company in the Nordics, with 10,000 employees, offices across 50 Nordic towns and cities and more than 14,000 public and private sector customers. EVRY is the product of the largest-ever Nordic IT merger between Norway’s two largest IT companies; EDB and ErgoGroup.

EVRY’s mobile division, employing over 60 people, has provided a full lifecycle of managed mobile IT services to Nordic enterprises for over 15 years.

GEMA’s CEO Nicholas McQuire said: “The addition of EVRY unquestionably enhances GEMA’s market-leading, locally-delivered, managed enterprise mobility service platform for multinationals. EVRY are the clear local leaders in IT services across the mobile and traditional IT stacks and we are proud that global organisations inside and outside of the Nordic region can now look to expand the support of their mobility projects through the partnership of EVRY-GEMA.”

McQuire added: “As exclusive and strategic joint-venture partners, our members continue to deepen their strategic and operational coordination within GEMA, as customer and market demands around enterprise mobility grow in speed and complexity. I am therefore also excited by the capabilities EVRY brings to the rapidly-growing GEMA member community as well.”

As a result of the agreement, EVRY will become GEMA’s exclusive member covering the Nordic region for the joint venture and the 13th member overall, including the sixth partner in Europe. EVRY’s entry represents a growth of over 100% in new members in GEMA in under 12 months.

“The cooperation with GEMA can be regarded as a natural progression of our successful focus on mobility” said Niclas Ekblad, EVP Sweden, EVRY. “The demand for these services is growing and the ability to offer turnkey solutions is becoming increasingly important as companies and operators need to handle both local and global requirements. In this context, we anticipate that our membership in GEMA will enhance our attractiveness for new and existing customers.”

Robin Blomquist, Commercial Officer at EVRY Lesswire Solutions said: “To promote the continued success of mobility, we need to be able to accompany our existing customers internationally, as well as advance our positions among global companies and operators seeking a partner in the Nordic Region. Through membership of GEMA, we now have the opportunity to share in a network and knowledge base that will further strengthen our offering. This development will also benefit our local customers, who will have greater access to the latest in mobility.”

EVRY enters GEMA alongside founding members BMobile/Grupo Scanda (Mexico), Emitac Mobile Solutions (EMS) (Middle East, Africa), MSC Mobility Pty Ltd (Australia and New Zealand); NationSky (China); SCHIFFL GmbH & Co. KG (Germany and Austria); and Vox Mobile (US and Canada). Fellow GEMA associate members include: YouCo (Italy), Qolcom (UK), Mobila (Benelux), Navita Tecnologia (Brazil and Peru), Xsat India (India) and CWSI (Ireland).

Additional GEMA members in Europe, Asia, and the Americas will increase the scope, capability and diversity of the alliance in 2014 and beyond.

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About GEMA

The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) is an independent joint venture providing global managed enterprise mobility services. Multi-national organisations today are looking for transparent and seamless services for the deployment, support, and management of their mobile workforce. GEMA’s core offerings of Consult, Procure, Deploy, Control, Manage and Assist enable organizations to scale globally while receiving the deepest local in-country support where they operate around the world.

GEMA’s members are leading Managed Mobility Services providers in their own markets and include the following: BMobile/Grupo Scanda (Mexico); CWSI (Ireland); Emitac Mobile Solutions, LLC (EMS) (Middle East, Africa); Mobila (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg); MSC Mobility Pty Ltd (Australia and New Zealand); NationSky (China); Navita (Latin America); Qolcom (UK); SCHIFFL GmbH & Co. KG (Germany and Austria); Vox Mobile Inc. (US and Canada); Xsat India (India) and YouCo S.r.l (Italy).

GEMA is operated by GEMA International Limited, a joint venture.