Wireless technology allows colleges and universities to maximise communications for staff and students. Some institutions have deployed more than 1,000 wireless access points to ensure every student has 24/7 internet access in every bedroom at every hall of residence.

Research shows that prospective students rate internet access highly when selecting college or university. Student laptop ownership at one of our university customers increased from 60% to 84% last year. The numbers are typical. Qolcom works with educational establishments across the UK to handle increasing demand for wireless access.

Typically Qolcom provide three wireless services:

  1. Staff – an enhanced service for admin and teaching staff
  2. Eduroam – the standard academic network for the campus, including guest access
  3. ResNet – a service for students while at their halls of residence, allowing social networking

Find out more about our work at the University of the West of Scotland and the University of the Highlands and Islands or contact us to see how Qolcom can help you in your setting.