Wireless has a strategic role serving business information to increasingly ubiquitous Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and tablet PCs, and to provide secure guest access to client and collaborative services. Recently, Qolcom delivered a secure pan-European wireless network for a leading global provider of financial market data and analytics to financial institutions, active traders and individual investors.

Qolcom’s wireless implementation allows staff to visit any location throughout Europe and log in to the network with the same credentials used on their wired network in their normal location. Additionally, Qolcom provide guests and clients with the ability to securely log in to the wireless network for internet access throughout Europe, while keeping this traffic isolated.

Guests can be provided with a unique login and password, controlled in this instance via the London offices of our client. Guest internet traffic is routed out via a single egress point in London. Each country displays a fully branded wireless web landing page, translated into the local language.

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