Most NHS Trusts use PDAs and laptops to give staff greater access to the information and applications on the hospital network from anywhere within a ward. Information is secure and access rights for users are extended from the existing wired infrastructure policies.

Qolcom also deploy Wi-Fi enabled tags from ekahau into healthcare settings to allow staff to locate people, drug carts and essential medical equipment quickly and efficiently. Tags include an alert button for staff and patients, which tracks them on a map of the location so help can quickly be dispatched. Tags are also used to track equipment for routine maintenance, helping to deliver a higher return on investment for our healthcare customers.

Some of our NHS Trusts use new imaging technology as there are no ‘wet film boxes’ for analysing x-rays. All x-ray images, including PACS, are delivered to the patient’s bedside and are viewed on wireless enabled Computers on wheels eliminating patient trips to specialized viewing areas.

Qolcom understand that IT and infrastructure budgets are under pressure. Contact us if you would like to discuss ways of doing more for your patients with fewer resources.