Free Wi-Fi availability is a standard requirement for hotel and conference guests.

Qolcom recently completed the installation of a wireless network throughout a leading hotel and conference centre in the south of England in addition to covering the main football stadium and associated offices.

Delegates can now roam anywhere throughout the hotel, conference centre, bar, restaurant and stadium complex without losing connectivity to the wireless network.

The Wi-Fi network in the conference centre is secured separately from the Wi-Fi network in the hotel rooms to ensure privacy of information for guests. The conference centre network can also be separately secured as appropriate, with a bespoke web landing page served to clients. The wireless network also delivers secure staff and security personnel access using applications on PDAs around the stadium – all over the same wireless network, providing an excellent ROI.

Qolcom always pay careful attention to the user experience. Our expert consultants determined that ease of access and continuity of connection were of primary importance to the users of the wireless network and conducted detailed site surveys to ensure maximum wireless coverage and easy secure authentication.

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