Introducing Qolcom’s UEM Device Migration Tool

Qolcom has long experience of delivering and running enterprise mobility management solutions for customers, from multinational enterprise to large public sector organisations.

In every implementation, a major part of the project involves deleting any previous mobility management app from each device and replacing it with the preferred solution.  For organisations with hundreds or thousands of devices, it can be a significant overhead and a significant disruption.

Qolcom, in association with global partner Gema, has addressed the issue by introducing our Device Migration Tool (DMT), an app that can be run by each end-user at their convenience.

When initiated, the application contacts the old UEM system and retires the device, removing all client management software in the process.  It then contacts the new UEM system and starts the enrolment process, downloading the new management client to the device.

Qolcom’s Device Migration Tool reduces technician time spent on the UEM migration, minimises disruption to the business, and improves user experience by allowing users to migrate from old to new management systems at a time of their own choosing.

For further information, please contact or call 01635 298021.