Qolcom Admin

Dedicated deep technical expertise in Enterprise Mobility Management & Wi-Fi system administration, support, and monitoring


Advanced functionality is exciting but the decision of what and how to deploy is difficult especially when shared ownership of assets (hardware and applications) is part of the enterprise mobile policy. Qolcom Admin allows you to rely on your EMM and/or Wi-Fi management platforms for critical security and policy enforcement without the need for additional staff. In turn this reduces total cost of ownership by reducing the overhead required for Administration, Supporting and Monitoring of EMM and Wi-Fi systems.

Qolcom Admin includes system administration, support and monitoring of your EMM and/or Wi-Fi management platforms. Our experts are at the forefront of technology and will actively administer your EMM & Wi-Fi systems to recommend the best updates available. Qolcom provides an escalation to the specific vendor for your internal IT team to leverage when the need arises.

Qolcom simplifies the on-going Administration of even the most complex Wi-Fi networks. It features a single, centralised, intuitive, visually graphic monitoring dashboard that provides real-time information on network status, traffic patterns, Wi-Fi client connectivity, Access Point and WLAN controller status, and reports any alarms instantly.