Qolcom Assist

Specialist support for your Enterprise Mobile Platform & Wi-Fi system available globally 24/7


The world of mobility is becoming more complex and more critically important by the day. End users and corporate resources require on-demand support and assistance to help them operate their devices, troubleshoot issues, and ensure connectivity and productivity is maintained. Mobility is inherently a local service with local operators, coverage, and support requirements.

As part of GEMA’s global-local structure Qolcom ensures that your users are speaking with local and regional helpdesk facilities that understand their individual requirements. GEMA does not use global “mega call centres” but instead our alliance Assist Centres are locally staffed and of course provide local language support as well as global English capabilities.

Qolcom Assist is staffed with highly trained mobility experts to offer an immediate point of contact to support your Wi-Fi and/or EMM platform, anywhere, at any time.

The Qolcom Assist team can help your mobile workforce regardless of which devices they use. Our team supports Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows platforms taking into consideration their different devices, apps, configurations and issues.

Qolcom treats your organisation’s wireless local area network as a utility service. Our aim is to keep your organisation’s communications working optimally at all times, enabling the organisation’s greatest assets, your employees, to focus on high value activities.