Qolcom Deploy

Professionally managed scalable project and on-going logistics, device imaging and end-user activation support


Last year the experts at Qolcom successfully configured every type of device including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and Windows Phone and many others. With state-of-the art secure facilities and expert resources in the UK Qolcom currently has capacity to deploy 1,000’s of devices per month.

Qolcom Deploy supports large-scale deployments that would otherwise put a huge strain on your existing IT resources. We will understand your requirements; design a best-in-class process; and set-up a well-fitted tracking and management system for you. We configure each device to your specifications, including iTunes or Gmail setup, authorised applications, security and Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration, then ship to the enduser and support device activation and training. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports ensure you have visibility to device receipts, order status, and inventory at every step. All of this is led by a team of professional project managers providing you a single point of contact for communication and escalation.

The Qolcom configuration and logistics facility has scalable daily capacity offering fast, efficient, expert deployment. It is flexible and adaptable with successful deployment experiences with projects involving hundreds to thousands of devices.

Qolcom Deploy also offers dedicated contingent support during the deployment process to assist users with new devices and on-going deploy services for incremental and reverse logistic/device swap orders to maintain your assets for the long term.