The potential for domestic drones to disrupt business processes is clear

Drone activity at Heathrow and Gatwick over the Christmas period has demonstrated clearly that unregulated drone use has the ability to significantly disrupt business.  And not only the business of running an airport, but the business of all those organisations that rely on scheduled air transport. Airlines, logistics and shipping companies, local transport providers, insurers, holiday companies and hotels were all impacted.

Less well known is the threat that drones represent to the physical infrastructure and data within other sectors.

Digital Infrastructure
Domestic drones are typically equipped with a digital camera but can carry other technology such as a small computer, allowing the drone to look like a Wi-Fi service to users within the immediate area. By landing an appropriately configured drone on the roof of a building or within a campus, it becomes a relatively simple process to launch a man in the middle attack.  Especially vulnerable are campus-based organisations where there are no other Wi-Fi services in the area, and unsuspecting users would have no reason to think services carrying their company’s name are anything other than legitimate.

Physical Infrastructure
Equally worrying is the risk is to organisations with large or remote infrastructure.   In the wrong hands, a drone’s flight capabilities make it especially suited to rogue surveillance, malicious acts and terrorism. Companies with exposed and sparsely-manned assets such as reservoirs, agricultural trials, pipelines and power stations are all vulnerable to incursion from above.

Public Safety
The leisure industry is also vulnerable wherever large numbers of people gather. Major open-air events face risks both to public safety and to the intellectual property and broadcast rights of their events.

Qolcom and Dedrone
Qolcom and leading manufacturer Dedrone have partnered since 2017 to provide drone detection and tracking technology, capable of identifying, tracking and mitigating against unauthorised drones.  We have supported a number of customers in the UK to develop and deliver an effective drone defence strategy.

To discuss your needs or for a demonstration of DeDrone or please contact Qolcom on 01635 298021, or at